4 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time

There was a time when heroes from folklore ruled the hearts of many. Some of the prominent ones among them were Zorro and Robin Hood. Then came the comic books, which created the most popular superheroes of our times. They not only ruled the hearts of the young and old but also the box office. Some of the highest-grossing movies of the 21st century were superhero films. 

Choosing the superheroes and placing them in a list has never been an easy task. It would definitely spark a debate on the internet, which may go on endlessly. Nevertheless, here are some of the greatest superheroes in the history of comic books:


The caped crusader is the most popular comic book character of recent times. He is the sole heir to the vast fortunes of Thomas Wayne. He was once powerless to such an extent that he couldn’t prevent the murder of his parents. 

With great determination to fight the criminals, he dedicates himself to becoming the greatest detective in the world. He trains his mind and body and achieves the peak of human excellence. The mind of Batman is considered as his greatest weapon. If given enough time for preparation, he can defeat any of his enemies. 


He is the one who changed everything. Spiderman is not like those billionaire playboys living the greatest lives in their skyscrapers. He was once just another 15-year-old guy dealing with his regular problems. At one point he gains some superpowers. He then fights criminals as ‘Spiderman’ while continuing with his regular life as ‘Peter Parker’. 

Spiderman endured immense pain from losing his parents. He carried the guilt in him for his failure to stop a criminal who later killed his uncle. All of this gave him the feel of a real person than any of the other superheroes before him.


He’s the most famous superhero who inspired all the other superheroes that emerged after him. The inspiration behind his creation was mainly the Greek mythological figures. He is the last son of Krypton, sent from a dying planet to Earth. Raised by the kind farmers in Kansas, he is told all the good things about America. 

Later, when he becomes aware of his superpowers, he moves to the city of Metropolis. He brings hope to the masses as a crime-fighter and stands against criminals and super-villains. Superman is always portrayed as an optimist who leads by example to make this world a better place.

Wonder Woman

She is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Comics universe. An ideal superheroine, she influenced many strong female characters of comic books. Some of them were Captain Marvel, Power Girl, Vixen, and Storm. She was crafted by her mother from clay and given life by the Greek Gods. 

She has been depicted as the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta in the recent versions. The source of her superpowers are her divine origins. Her raw strength is considered to be greater than the Martian Manhunter or Superman.

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