How Comic Strips Can Be Useful in Marketing

Today, there are many business organizations that use comic strips as powerful tools for marketing. They add an element of fun to a business concept or product. There’s an increased customer engagement as people can easily understand what is being communicated. Comic strips can be much more effective than any of the other marketing tools for driving customer engagement. 

Rarely does anyone miss a comic strip while browsing through a newspaper, magazine, or website? Businesses can utilize it in the right manner to effortlessly grab the attention of their prospective customers.

A powerful tool for customer engagement

How engagement happens with the use of comic strips can be explained by a simple process. First, the comic characters draw the attention of people who can be potential customers for the business. Next, the concerns of customers are addressed by incorporating some humour. 

At this stage, the comic strip can also explain how the product or service can solve the customers’ concerns. In the next stage of the process, the customers’ interest in the product or service increases. Additionally, the business can also justify the price of the product or service through the comic strip. 

Most of the brands fail at the first stage, which is drawing the attention of potential customers. If there’s nothing substantial to catch their attention, the marketing strategy would be a failure. A highly effective comic strip can prove to be a powerful visual tool in marketing. 

One of the major reasons for this is that simplicity sells. Usually, the comic characters are quite engaging. If the prospective customers have understood the product and its benefits instantly, they’ll not hesitate to buy it. The use of comic strips can make the most complicated concept easy to understand.

Benefits of using comic characters

Most of the individuals in this world can relate to a comic character. They can be much more visually appealing and may even spark nostalgic feelings in people. They would instantly remember their childhood and all the happy memories associated with it. Such characters can also be incredibly entertaining. Strong emotions and humour can be easily expressed through them in a comic strip. 

One good example here would be the highly expressive emoticons used in messaging apps. Sometimes, these emoticons can express the individual’s feelings better than plain text. One of the biggest benefits of using comic characters is that they make the product or service more recognizable. 

They evoke feelings of friendliness and trust in the potential customers. Even the most boring ads can be made more interesting with these characters. 

Comic characters as brand mascots

Businesses can create a comic character and use it as a brand mascot for their products and services. If used in an effective way, a brand mascot can create a lasting impression on the target audience. As a result, the product or service becomes highly recognizable. With the help of a brand mascot, a business can stand out among its competitors. This can translate into increased sales and revenues for the business.

If the brand mascot is created and marketed poorly, it would affect the brand negatively. Using one of the famous comic characters can lead to a lawsuit, even if done unknowingly. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary for a business to use only an original character as its brand mascot.

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