How Data Comics Help in Making Key Business Decisions

Business organizations take their data quite seriously, but many individuals struggle to understand all the complex information. This problem leads to a big data consumption gap. However, there are some innovative solutions today that are of immense help in getting rid of such problems. One of them is the use of data comics. 

Simply put, data comics involve the use of cartoon characters and comic strips to simplify complex data. They convey key information in a manner that can be easily understood by even a layperson. Besides, all such information is presented in a humorous and entertaining way. The use of data comics also helps decision-makers in the organization to understands the insights better.  

In the near future, the data analysts may take on the additional responsibility of delivering insights as stories. This means they’ll become the new-age corporate storytellers. One of the major functions of their job might involve looking for innovative ways to engage their audience.

Big help for the decision-makers

A sales dashboard of a company shows its trend of sales for a certain period. It often explains the sales trends with some colourful charts, bars, and curves. What it doesn’t generally show is the explanation of the hidden insights. They include the rate of growth and performance of each business unit. Such insights are always crucial for decision-makers of a business organization. 

When data comics is brought into the picture, it narrates how much the sales have increased. They also identify the business unit or units that have done well. It is clear from both these scenarios that the second dashboard saves a lot of time for the decision-maker. Any decision-maker would prefer the dashboard with the comic narrative.  

Functions of data comics

Data comics tells the entire story of the data to be presented. They basically serve the crucial insights and findings on a plate. Now, the decision-maker just has to take a look at the comics to understand the findings. He or she won’t have to spend a good amount of time analyzing the charts. The decision-makers of business organizations are always busy with some crucial works. 

They don’t usually have the time to go through the data and analyses. Data comics would help them in getting all the important insights instantly. They perform three important functions. The first is focusing on the right problem. The second is providing solutions to the problem, and the third is communicating insights in the right manner to decision-makers.

No need for graphs and charts

Data comics convey only important and relevant information. They may or may not need graphs and charts for communicating the key insights. Graphs and charts may be needed when the decision-maker wants to look at certain numbers. Sometimes they may be required as support for the insights given through the comic visuals. 

Most of the time, charts and graphs are not required while providing important insights to the decision-maker. The main purpose of using data comics is to simplify all the complex data for the benefit of users. It leads to the better judgment of data and makes the decision-making process quicker.

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